Lahti City Youth Services coordinates #YOUTHere! ESC Volunteering partnership project in 1.1.2019- 31.12.2021. In this project 28 young people aged 18-29, who have fewer opportunities because of economy obstacles, social obstacles, unemployment or lack of education will do voluntary work. Durations of volunteering activities will be either 2 week, 2 months or 8 months.

We want to support the mutual diversity of young people and increase tolerance for new and foreign issues, as there is a lot of violence and racist opinions among young people at the moment. Our aim in this project is to promote solidarity by bringing young people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

In Finland the volunteers will be acquainted Lahti city Youth Services regional youth work and youth employment services. We offer learning experiences from versatile options such as
working with children and young people in different environment: Youth clubs, Youth Work at Shopping center and Youth Work at Schools. Volunteers can plan and execute activities and practice information and marketing at Multi-Cultural Centre and also at Youth Centre. The volunteers will also be able to try and learn handicrafts in Youth employment workshops.
Job assignments and offices will be tailored for mobility, but we will also take into account the
volunteer's wishes during the period.

“Here we go again!” is a European Voluntary Service project funded by Erasmus+. It provides short term volunteering periods from 1 to 2 months in partnering organizations. Project started 1.5.2016 and the last activities will take place in summer 2017. Lahti Youth Service is coordinating the project.
All volunteers are from 17 to 24 years and in European Voluntary Service the participation is well support and free for the participants. A lot of training and preparation work will be done in co-operation with both hosting and sending organizations before the actual activity is in hand.
Volunteers will work in Finland in Lahti Youth Services Youth Workshops and one stop guidance services Ohjaamo Lahti. In Slovenia volunteers will live and work in Vila Cira Cara, activity centre for local children that is run by Zavod Manipura. Youthwork Ireland Tipperary will host volunteers to work as assistant youthworkers in summer activities and Youth Centre in Thurles.
In this blog you can follow the steps from different actors involved in the project. In order to learn more, you can find our contact information in EVS-team and contacts – page.

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